Sinite hit by illegal DDOS attacks since takedown of

On March 18th, we reported that Sinite assisted an international investigation into the child sexual abuse network known as ‘’. Since this successful operation, Sinite has been hit by several large-scale DDOS attacks in retaliation.

A ‘DDOS’ attack is the illegal use of several compromised computer networks to flood a target’s network with an overwhelming amount of requests, and it can render the target’s network non-operational.

This is an imprisonable crime, and under UK law, a single charge has a maximum sentence of 10 years. Sinite is actively co-operating with IONOS’s investigation into these series of offences, as they similarly were made a victim of these crimes.

Sinite will continue to target those like ‘’ who use technological frameworks to perpetuate sexual criminality against women and minors. This will not stifle our efforts to bring criminals to justice.

These attacks only serve to substantiate our righteous, justified work at reducing sexual assault crimes. They are proof that our values are virtueous and irreproachable, and responsible for positive change. We will stay committed to removing this type of material from the internet, to protect women and children, like we are duty-bound to do.

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