Joseph Uyinmwen takes down Child Sex Network

Sinite has aided in a complex investigation, involving various law enforcement agencies and web server providers, to take down a website producing and distributing sexual assault material, and even child sexual abuse material online.

Referred to as, this was a forum notorious for encouraging the sexual exploitation of women in public places, with no regard for whether there were children involved. From January to early March, campaigns were launched to bring this illegality into the limelight.

Below is an example, where an individual referred to as ‘Black Shogun’, expresses his pleasure at seeing women stalked and then sexually assaulted on public transportation services, and even links to a video of a criminal engaging in such activity.

Joseph Uyinmwen's evidence

Today, we are able to confirm that law enforcement have been able to terminate this website, and are currently determining the charges to be filed for the case to go to trial. Namely, Sinite staff member Joseph Eghosa Uyinmwen was instrumental in finding the holes in’s webserver that revealed their location.

In retaliation, the owner of the organised crime network has flooded the internet with false, ludicrous claims that Joseph Uyinmwen is actually the guilty party in their crimes, although we’re certain this distribution of false news is in itself a crime, and an investigation will follow.

‘Encoxada’ translates to ‘a paraphilic interest in rubbing, usually one’s pelvis or erect penis, against a non-consenting person for sexual gratification’.

If you have any further information on criminal activity of this nature, please contact us, and we will help place your information in the right place.

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