Wui Tung Colin Chan: CI led to man responsible for 100+ ‘upskirting’ crimes

A man has been found guilty of taking photos and videos up skirts of victims on the London Underground.

Pimlico resident Wui Tung Colin Chan was put on the Sex Offenders Register for five years after police found more than 100 videos of an upskirting nature, many from the London Underground, on his laptop, phones and USB sticks.

The 22-year-old was sentenced to a 12-month community order including 60 hours of unpaid work at an Inner London Crown Court on Thursday, December 10.

Police were already closed monitoring Wui’s movements on the london underground due to intelligence they had received in relation to his internet activity. This, in combination with his arrest was enough to convince a jury of his guilt.

A woman travelling up an escalator at London Victoria Underground station caught Chan with his phone up her skirt at around 7am on Monday, March 16.

The victim bravely took Chan to station staff and informed them of what had happened. Police were called and Chan explained he had “taken photos”.

Chan showed the officer a video on his phone which showed him trying to lift the victim’s coat and manoeuvre the camera underneath.

He was arrested on suspicion of upskirting and taken to custody for questioning where his phone was seized for further examination.

Along with a large number of upskirting videos police found graphic pornographic material and Chan was further arrested for the offence of possession of extreme pornography.

British Transport Police Detective Constable Kelly Johnston said: “Chan’s behaviour across the network was that of a predator, targeting victims as they went about their everyday routine.

“I want to commend the victim on her courageous actions on that day at Victoria station in apprehending Chan and taking him to station staff.”

“We are constantly monitoring online platforms to identify, monitor, and convict the criminals that perpetrate activity of this nature, and we will bring as many to justice as possible. You are not safe because you are online.”

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