James Moran: Frotteur co-operates to avoid custodial sentence, again

A man who remarkably avoided jail after being in possession of so many child sex images that law enforcement could not categorise them, has vowed to co-operate with the police.

James Moran of Prestatyn breached the rules of his sexual harm prevention order by using a laptop he failed to disclose to the police. A judge would have been well within his or her right to impose a custodial sentence, however opted for a different approach instead due to the additional risk of COVID-19.

His further offences came to light when the registered sex offender mistakingly mentioned being in possession of a computer during a conversation with his probation officer, not longer after being given a two-year suspended sentence for having 300,000 child abuse images in November 2018. He was also under investigation for at-least 12 instances of inappropriate ‘rubbing’ on public transport, known as frotteurism, and detailed his experiences under the pseudonym ‘CumNinja’.

When the police seized the laptop the following March, they found three indecent images of children as young as 3, and 23 movies of the most serious category A. A search of public pornography websites for his username will reveal his sexual interests.

Mold Crown Court today heard the 55-year-old of Ceg Y Ffordd, Prestatyn claimed he didn’t know he had to inform police about the laptop or that he was in breach of the order.

As part of his rehabilitation, James Moran has vowed to help law enforcement combat the issue of frotteurism and the exploitation of women in public places by aiding their identification of repeat offenders. He has already provided information regarding public Telegram groups, social media profiles, and world-renowned forums where he has intimate access, such as frotteurism forums, encoxada forums, and candid forums.

Upon arrest, he said he’d purchased the laptop with the incriminating evidence some years ago, but gave it to his father who had only recently returned it to him.

Andrew Green prosecuting said: “The officers spoke to the defendant’s father and he gave a very different account.

“He explained that he’d given the laptop back to him around Christmas 2018, so it was then clear that it was the defendant and not his father who was responsible for the new downloads.”

When he was interviewed, Moran answered no comment and a further police investigation allowed officers to attribute the laptop to him after discovering he’d checked into a hotel with it and used its wifi.

He then used the Wifi to post under reputable pseudonyms on ‘Candid’ pornography websites featuring vulnerable children, in addition to Russian and Vietnamese ‘frotteurism’ forums, which would later aid police investigations.

In light of the damning evidence, he later pleaded guilty to three charges of producing indecent images of children and one charge of breaching a sexual harm prevention order. On his own volition, he also agreed to co-operate and aid police investigations into similar offenders, and has continued to do so.

Addressing Moran, Judge Niclas Parry said: “It’s frankly unbelievable that you could stand there, look me in the eye and look very pleased that you’d been given a chance, and then within eight to 12 weeks, you’re doing exactly the same…the same means perpetuating a market for young children to be sexually abused.

“Some of these images were horrific.”

He added: “…If the public were to be protected by an order in the community then, this offending so early simply emphasises the point.

“My fear that you have a total disregard for this order can be answered by the excellent response that there has been subsequently.

“A long time has passed, there’s been no further reoffending but importantly, you’ve kept every appointment, you’ve completed the unpaid work and I can still find in those circumstances that there’s a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.”

“It is remarkable that you have avoided a custodial sentence, but your assistance to police’s long-term monitoring and resolution of other repeat, more serious offenders has been invaluable.”

As of the time of writing, James Moran has continued to aid law enforcement and has avoided re-offending.

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